So, we repainted Loft and Mews!  The Loft is the same fresh off-white  as it was, but bright and light  – hard to believe it has been used for summer letting for 3 years now!  The Mews has changed colour a bit –  we’ll need new photos.  (That will have to wait for a few weeks, though – I’m volunteering in India until the  end of January. ) It’s a lovely blue and cream colour now.

Also – we separated  the heating systems and made them independent before Christmas.   Now guests control how much oil-fired central heating they want and for how long – great for  winter breaks or chilly days.

The oil is  metered and charged at cost.   Guests might worry about an unknown cost,  but so far seem have found it reasonable.

And the stoves really are worth using – they are so gorgeous and cosy.  I often do my office work in the Mews in the depth of winter with only the stove lit, and I’m warm as toast.

We have  a new service  coming this year – a professional chef  will supply that special dinner of your choosing to your cottage – cooked and ready to serve! More in the next bulletin!