I cannot believe six months have gone by since my last post.  It has been a busy time between farm, cottages and home.

The weather was  strange this summer and autumn, much warmer and drier than usual,  and there were wonderful goldens and reds and browns in the garden and the hedges and forests that are close to us.   Through the sunroom window, even as I pause to reflect,  I see pink and purple roses blooming.  Also, many many weeds in the shrubbery!  And for the same reasons – unusual conditions and loss of control.   However, let’s hope it will be weed-free by Christmas.

We  redecorated the Mews in October,  so it’s all fresh and new and 2014 will be like a first letting

We spent a few days attacking the Cow-Byre, where the dogs sleep and which guests will remember as terribly untidy. It’s now a different place altogether – you can actually see where you are going in it now!

We’ve also changed the heating systems, and are writing a separate news item about that.

Maisie and Isaac are very happy in their new home in Clare, and have taken up with the cows on the farm.

We have a new member of the farm family.   Willow is a lovely 12-year-old mare with lots of experience, and even  Michael enjoys riding her, and as he rarely gets up on a horse that’s praise indeed.  She’s had a relaxing summer with  occasional ride-outs on the Munny Trail, and the beach at Lahore – a long long sandy beach with twisty riding trails between high sand dunes, when you get tired of riding in the sea… it’s a a wonderful occasional treat!   Unfortunately in the summer all horses have to be off the beaches by 9.00am in the  mornings.

Now in the cold winter days she’s hunting every week, her favourite occupation.

Tara and Pi are well, though Tara is starting to show her great age and will need a bit more tender care this winter.  No more lying in front of the Mews in the cold weather all day.  Pi and Anam-Cara the cat are sworn enemies and firm friends.  I suppose a lot of people are the same.

We’ve  enjoyed the comings and goings of our guests over the year  – and met interesting people from all over the world.  I find myself wanting to visit many of the places our guests describe to us, and hopefully we will get a chance to visit other countries in the future.  We’ve also had good reviews which are so important to us, and I don’t think it’s always easy to write them on the advertising websites,  so we send a big thank-you to all of you who made the effort.

That’s all for now – we’ll be back!  In case we are not, we wish all our guests a Happy Christmas, or whatever one  likes to celebrate around this time of year!